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Intikana Tantra

Intikana Tantra is a process of self-discovery through sexuality. It is an exploration of sexual energy and energetic healing in order to experience sexual ecstasy.

If you want it all then Intikana Tantra is the sexual learning experience of choice. Passionate sex, a healthy life and even a spiritual awakening are yours for the asking. Your eyes will open to a new level of awareness that will reveal your innermost feelings and desires.

Through conscious breathing, visualisation, meditation, sensual massage, sexual play and other ceremonial practices you will feel immediate results in your love making and your relationship.

Intikana Tantra honours and respects your unique unfolding and personal process of transformation. It facilitates a safe space for individuals and couples to refine their essential gifts.

Our Services

Intikana Tantra offers: • Tantric Massage • Goddess Worshiping • Male Sacred Spot Sessions • God Worshiping • 10 session Tantra Course with counselling and guidance in self-esteem, relationships, health and sexuality • Tantric Counselling • Tantric Embrace You will learn to channel your erotic energies to enhance both your life and the life of those you love. You will be guided into the realm of Tantric bliss.

Tantric Massage

Intikana Tantra is a process of self-discovery through sexuality. It is an exploration of sexual energy and energetic healing in order to experience sexual ecstasy.

1 hour $250

1.5 hours $375

2 hours $500

Goddess Worship

In the Goddess Worship session you learn erotic massage techniques to pamper and pleasure your partner. You will become a master at giving pleasure by combining therapeutic and erotic touch. In this way, you are able to tune into the subtle messages of a woman’s body, breath and touch and awaken her inner Goddess. You'll ride with the Goddess into multi-orgasmic ecstatic realms.

1 hour $330

1.5 hours $495

2 hours $660

Yoni Massage Therapy

A Yoni massage is a type of tantric massage designed especially for women. This is full body and full spirit massage experience through which you will have the opportunity to explore new dimensions of healing and depths of your own consciousness, opening you up to a access more vibrations of your Goddess essence. The session begins... Read More

1 hour $330

1.5 hours $495

2 hours $660

God Worship

The God Worship session will show you how to surrender and enjoy an advanced form of Tantric pleasuring. You'll experience the total indulgence of all your senses, body, mind and spirit.

1 hour $330

1.5 hours $495

2 hours $660

Therapeutic Prostate Massage

Gentle Prostate Massage explores the erotic rewards of masculinity. I start by giving you a FULL BODY SENSUAL and EROTIC MASSAGE. I stimulate EVERY INCH of your body. Your celebration continues with deep circular stimulation of your perineum, you know that very sensual area between your beautiful lingam and anal lips.... Read More

1 hour $260

1.5 hours $390

2 hours $520

Tantric Embrace

The Tantric Embrace will enable you to experience deep forms of pleasure, healing and intimacy through a loving connection.

1 hour $250

Tantric Counseling

A counselling session will help you understand the nature and origins of sexual energies. You'll also become aware of how sexual energies are inadvertently used to manipulate and create blockages in your life. We work with sexual energies in a clear, beneficial manner and learn how to transfer these energies into a sacred experience with yourself or a partner.

1 hour $250

Course in Tantra

In this course, you learn principles and techniques that will enhance sexuality and sexual experience, either individually or with your partner. You will learn how to integrate the teachings in a way that allows you to embody a deep understanding of Tantra and Sexual Alchemy. The course is highly personalized to meet your personal interests and needs.

Single Session: 1 hour $250

10 Sessions x 1.5 hours each



By advanced appointment only

Contact Laviras for further guidance and assistance in choosing the most beneficial tantric session and one that best meets your needs. All sessions are private and confidential.

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